How to use ‘ENOUGH’?


how to use enough in english

ENOUGH is word that can qualify an adverb or an adjective. It can also go together with a noun or sometimes act as a pronoun.

1. ENOUGH with adjectives and adverbs
Position in a sentence: after an adjective or an adverb

  • Your work isn’t good enough for our company.
  • He finished the project quickly enough, and we could move on to the next one.


2. ENOUGH with nouns

Position in a sentence: before a noun

  • There aren’t enough tomatoes in the fridge.
  • Do you have enough money to pay for gas?


3. ENOUGH without a noun

We can also use ENOUGH without a noun:

  • That’s enough! Turn of the TV!
  • Enough is enough! (we use this phrase to express that we are really frustrated with something, or tired)



We use ENOUGH OF only when there is a determiner (this/that, an article, his/her/my, etc.)

  • I haven’t done enough of the research to be able to tell the results.
  • He hasn’t spent enough of his money to ask for more.


NOTE: When we use ENOUGH with an adjective or a noun two sentence positions are possible, but the meaning will change:

  • We don’t have enough big sweaters for tomorrow’s field trip. (we have some big sweaters, but we need more)
  • We don’t have big enough sweaters for tomorrow’s field trip. (the sweaters we have are too small, we need bigger sweaters.)

I hope this is clear now 🙂

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