I don't get the difference between" IN, INTO and INSIDE" thanks


INSIDE has the same meaning as IN,

but you can use INSIDE
when talking about enclosed places
or when emphasising the location: the inner part of something.

– It’s inside the box. (I don’t see it, because it’s ‘deep in the box’ or the box is closed)
– It’s in the box. (maybe I see it, maybe the box is not closed).

INSIDE is also a noun:
Watermelons are red on the INSIDE and green on the OUTSIDE.

INTO is different in meaning, because it expresses direction.
Imagine a dog running towards a lake and when he’s there, he runs INTO the water.
I live in the suburbs, but sometimes I take a train to GO INTO town to meet my friends. I go to the inner part of the town, I GO INTO the centre.

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