I would go to school. Is this sentence correct?


I would go to school. Is this sentence correct?

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This sentence can indeed be correct in a couple of ways.

I would go to school could be used as either a conditional action or an imperfect action, depending on context.

I will explain both but I think you want to use the imperfect here.

In the imperfect, I would go to school means that there was a time in the past where you would go to school habitually or regularly.

For example:

Back then, I would go to school every weekday.

Because you used to go to school every day of the week (except weekends), the imperfect is necessary as the action was repeated again and again.

Now, the conditional:

I would go to school if I wasn’t feeling ill.

Here you are saying that if you didn’t feel sick, you would go to school. However, you are not going to school because you don’t feel well. You need the conditional here because there is a condition that needs to exist for you to go to school.


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