iPhone SE 2020 Features Explained


powerful new smartphone – it has power, even if it is smaller. iPhone SE has all the features the newest iPhone 11 has

flagship features for a mid-range price – best features for a good price. iPhone SE has all the feature the newest iPhone 11 has and cost less.

waterproofing – you can put it into the water and live it there for half an hour.

smartest features – iPhone SE is as smart and powerful as iPhone 11

the iPhone SE (2020) will be available – you can buy the phone from…

TrueDepth camera – 7MP front-facing selfie camera & it can analyze your face really punctually.

betters the XR by – it’s better than iPhone XR

A13 Bionic chipset – it’s the latest cheap of iPhone phones and it means that it could handle massive apps and works smoothly no matter what

Touch ID – it’s a button you hold and press to open your phone. The iPhone scans your finger print to open the phone

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