Is this sentence using “having” correct?


I am having to do a job.

Firstly, it seems that you have used the present progressive form, which is subject, present form verb “be”, and the present participle of the verb (verb -ing). We use present progressive when we’re talking about a particular action which we are currently doing. Or when talking about a future action which is already planned. 

  • I am writing a comment
  • I am visiting my parents on the weekend

However, in the case of your sentence, it should usually be in the present simple, because it’s stating the fact that you have a job. Hence: 
I have a job.
If you would like to say that you’re not willing to do a job but instead that you have to do the job, then we will use the phrasal verb “have/has to” which means it is a necessity or duty. In that case, the sentence would be:
I have to do a job.
Remember that when using the phrasal verb “have to,” we follow it with the infinitive.

  • They have to take
  • He has to drive his grandmother to church.
  • She has to cook dinner for the kids.

If you wanted to use the word “having” as a gerund, please remember that a gerund is a noun which looks like a verb. The best way I remember the meaning of a gerund is to think of it as “the action of____“.

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  • I like swimming

Here, swimming as a gerund and is talking about the action of swimming.

  • Drinking too much milk gives me a stomach ache.

In this sentence, it’s the action of drinking which we are discussing.
When using having as a gerund, it means the action of having something and therefore needs to be followed by an object. Such as in:

  • Having a phone helps him stay in touch with friends.

There is lastly also a past form for gerunds, which is having + past participle.

  • I congratulated him on having done such a great job.
  • Having said that she’d be home late, Emma didn’t think Tom would make dinner.
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