List Of Phrasal Verbs with COME!


phrasal verbs with come

The most common phrasal verbs with COME

come across
to find or discover something by chance

  • She accidentally came across her favorite book in the library.


Most Common VERB NOUN Collocations 🍦

Most Common VERB NOUN Collocations ...
Most Common VERB NOUN Collocations 🍦

come apart
to break into separate pieces

  • The new computer table came apart pretty easily.


come back (somewhere)
to return

  • I came back home after work.


come down
to decrease

  • The prices on the market have come down finally.


come from
to have as your place of origin

  • I come from Canada, but grandparents are from New Zealand.


come round
to visit someone

  • When do you want to come round today?


come through
to survive something

  • She came through the accident pretty well.


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Phrasal Verbs With OUT!


come up with
to think of an idea, suggestion

  • He came up with some very good ideas during the meeting.


come up
something unexpected happens

  • Oh, no! Something has come up – I really have to get to the hospital.


come up
to be talked about

  • Her name came up twice during the presentation.


come off
to be unstuck

  • I can’t really see his name, the name tag has come off.


come out
to be released, to be available for public

  • The new movie just came out.


come out
to leave a building

  • John has not come out of the house since Jessica left him.


come out in (something)
to have a medical condition on the skin

  • Jane’s come out in red rash all over her body.
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