Living Room Vocabulary: 14 Essential Objects in the Living Room


living room vocabulary

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Living Room Vocabulary

1. Carpet

  • This can be used to cover an entire floor to make it softer to walk on.

2. Rug

  • This is like a carpet but doesn’t usually cover the entire floor.

3. Sofa / couch

  • This is a large, soft chair, usually meant for several people to sit on.

4. Coffee table

  • This is a low table typically placed in front of a sofa.

5. Television / TV

  • You’ll often find this in a living room as a main source of entertainment for the family.

6. TV stand

  • What piece of furniture does a TV usually rest on?

7. Side table

  • This is a small table placed beside couches for drinks, books, etc.

8. Fireplace

  • Where in the living room can you safely start a small fire?

9. Fire iron / poker

  • This a long, metal instrument used to tend a fire.

10. Firewood

  • What do you call the wood used to start a fire in a fireplace?

11. Futon / pull-out sofa / sofa-bed

  • This is a type of sofa that can be unfolded to become a bed, in case you have a guest sleeping over.

12. Bean bag

  • This is a squishy, shapeless chair filled with beans, beads, or something similar.

13. Speakers

  • You can hook these up to your TV system to amplify the sound in the room.

14. Home theater

  • If you have an elaborate TV system setup with speakers and a large screen, you might call it a _____.

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