9 Greatest Love Collocations with examples


love collocations

1. Love life
this is a part of somebody’s life concerning their romantic activities and relationships

  • β€œHow is your love life?” β€œIt’s not great, I haven’t gone on a date in months and I’m not interested in anyone at the moment!”

2. Loved one
this usually refers to a very close friend or a member of the family

  • Our family has lost many loved ones over the past few years, we will never forget the members of this family who have passed away.

3. Love letter
a romantic letter written from one lover to another

  • He sent her a love letter every day while he was away. In these love letters, he talked about their future together and how much he loved her.

4. Love song
a song about love

  • The singer and song writer wrote many love songs, inspired by the person he loved.

5. Love poem
a poem about love

  • She enjoys reading love poems because they are romantic and remind her of her own lover.

6. Love affair
when a couple is romantically involved, sometimes this relationship or affair is hidden from the outside world

  • They decided to keep their love affair a secret, they didn’t want anybody to know about their relationship.

7. First love
the first person somebody falls in love with

  • He was my first love. We met in school and we were infatuated with one another. I had never felt that way about somebody before I met him.

8. True love
this is a very strong and special feeling of love and affection for somebody else

  • You are my true love, I will never love somebody else the way I love you.

9. Young love
this refers to a couple that are in love and are adolescents. They may be naive, innocent or immature but they are committed and dedicated to one another

  • They are in young love, they fell in love fast and are obsessed with one another.

Nouns: 1. Love 2. Loveliness,Β 3. Lover,Β 4. Lovebirds
Adjectives:Β 1. Loving,Β 2. Loveable,Β 3. Lovely,Β 4. Lovelier,Β 5. Loveliest
Adverbs:Β 1. Lovingly
Love collocations
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