Objection ON or TO?


When you don’t agree with a suggestion or dislike an idea, you can express your disapproval. This is called an objection. The correct preposition to use after this word is β€œto”.

The structure is the following:
OBJECT (verb)/ OBJECTION (noun) + TO + NOUN

Here are some examples of how to use it in a sentence:

β€œI have no objection to his presence.”
β€œSusan objected to the building of a new shopping centre in the area.”
β€œI’d like to object to being charged for the use of the mini-bar. I was told it was included in the price.”
β€œThe main objection to the proposal was that it would mean having to relocate the office.”
β€œWe have no objection to her being the new boss.”
β€œAny objection you might have to my plan is futile.”

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