parts of a house

Parts of a House & Rooms in a House (list)

image source Parts of a House: 1. Chimney If you have a fireplace, you probably also have a _____ so that the smoke can escape from your house. 2. Heater What machine or system is used to warm up your house in the winter? 3. Air conditioner How about to cool down your house in […]

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dining room furniture vocabulary

Dining Room Furniture Vocabulary List

image source Dining Room Furniture Vocabulary 1. Dining table This is a table where families usually eat meals together. 2. Placemats You can set these under your plates to protect the table. 3. Coasters Likewise, you can place these under your drinks. 4. Centerpiece If you want to add some decoration to your dining table, […]

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performative verbs

List of 28 Most Common Performative Verbs with Examples

Though you probably haven’t read about them in textbooks of grammar handbooks, you may have heard about a class of verbs called “performative verbs.” They don’t constitute a grammatical category of their own, but have found interest in fields of linguistic anthropology and philosophy. So what exactly are they? Well, they’re essentially verbs that perform […]

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18 Office Supplies You Should Know in English

64 Classroom & School Objects

Most Common School Objects you need to know 1. Desk Students usually sit at these during class to work. The teacher usually has one too. 2. Chalkboard The teacher usually writes on this large, black panel at the front of the classroom. 3. Chalk What do you write on chalkboards with? 4. White board Often, […]

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subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions: BECAUSE, SINCE, LIKE, WHEN, IF, AS, …

A conjunction is a word that grammatically connects two words, phrases, or clauses together. The most common examples are words like “and” and “but.” For example, “I took the subway, and got off at 96th Street.” Or, “I took the subway, but there was a delay.” However, conjunctions can come in many forms with many […]

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