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Lover definition

Lover (noun) a person who is having a romantic relationship with somebody, it is usually a more casual relationship and outside of marriage We were lovers in college, now we are married with three children. “Are they in a relationship?” “Yes, they are lovers.” Nouns: 1. Love 2. Loveliness, 3. Lover, 4. Lovebirds Adjectives: 1. Loving, 2. Loveable, 3. Lovely, 4. […]

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Loveliness (noun) a quality of being kind, caring or physically attractive Her loveliness and caring nature made her an ideal mother and role model to her children. The loveliness at the exhibition was overwhelming. Each piece was more beautiful and intricate than the one before it. From their apartment they had a view of the […]

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9 Extraordinary Problem Solving Phrases You Can Use

It’s important that you always try to resolve problems when they arise! Problems are made to be solved and we want to help you do that. The great news is that there are so many words you can use to make things better. We have a few useful phrases to help you resolve problems: Let’s […]

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What a Coincidence meaning with examples

A coincidence is when two events strangely or remarkably happen at the same time, but without any apparent reason or causal connection. For example, if you and your friend ran into each other in a big city out of the blue, that would be called a coincidence. Related words are COINCIDENTAL and COINCIDENTALLY. When someone […]

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good evening and goodnight difference

Good Evening and Goodnight Difference

Ever heard these two greetings and got them confused? Are they used slightly differently in your language than in English? This article will show you all the differences between saying GOODNIGHT and GOOD EVENING. 1. Say GOODNIGHT only when you or the other person is going to bed or leaving for the night. In English, […]

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phrases about life

38 must-know Phrases about Life

Here is a list of many of the most common English phrases about life and their meanings. We’ve included an example sentence with each one, for you see how they’re used in everyday conversation. Do you know any “Life” phrases we didn’t include in this list? Let us know in the comments. 1. An appetite […]

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Racial Discrimination definition

Racial Discrimination Meaning: Treating a person unfairly because of their ethnic or cultural background. Racial discrimination was a common problem in the school systems before the protests in the 1970’s. More for you: Racism definition and synonyms Race definition Racist definition and synonyms Racial Profiling definition

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