Phrasal verbs with SET


phrasal verbs with set

Set in

to be fixed and unable to change

  • He is set in his ways. He will never change.

to place something so that it is surrounded by a medium

  • Can you set that statue in the cement before it dries?

Set on

to have expectations that something will happen

  • My daughter was set on going to the beach, but the weather was bad that day.

to place something on a specific location

  • Can you set that flowerpot on the steps?

Set up

to put together

  • After opening all of the presents during Christmas, they set up the train set.

Set out

to have as a goal

  • The team set out to increase profits by 50%.

Set off

to start a journey with a goal in mind

  • They set off the day wanting to eliminate all of the trash on the beach.


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5 years ago

Can U plz say the preposition for this:
“We immediately set______fixing table.”