What phrase is this (related to storm)? Can you help?


I have a question about an idiom.

Last year, I learned a nice idiom/phrasal verb. I can’t really define it.
It was about a feeling or reaction.
I will give you 3 examples.

  1. you are going down through a sketchy neighborhood and you can sense/read the signs of coming danger.
  2. you have a gut feeling or sense something is going on and it’s not right.
  3. you feel something or someone is after you and you are getting ready to face it.

I really liked the idiom but I totally forgot. It’s been bothering for a while. It is a short one. It might be a phrasal verb, too. As it wasn’t a typical idiom.

If I am not mistaken. Something related to the storm. Or maybe it was just some analogy, not necessarily any idiom.


After a storm comes a calm?
Storm in a teacup?www.myenglishteacher.eu/blog/8-weather-idioms-and-phrases-with-examples/

8 Weather Idioms and Phrases with Examples [Image]


Unfortunately, no.

I will add this question to our blog
maybe others will know the answer

Thank you.

Can you please help us to find out what phrase is this?
Please comment below! 

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3 years ago

Maybe the phrase is “a storm on the horizon” or “see a storm coming” or even just “a storm is coming” or
“Facing the storm” “preparing for the storm” ?