Response to an attack where innocent citizens were killed.


It is not always easy to express your sympathy adequately after a terrible attack on innocent citizens as it’s impossible to see the reasoning for the attack. How can somebody think it is acceptable or necessary to attack innocent bystanders? How can families who have lost another family member ever recover from this grief?
Below I have written a respectful and sympathetic response to such an attack.

I would like to express my deepest condolences to the families that have lost loved ones after today’s horrific attack. This terrible attack resulted in the loss of many people’s lives. These people were innocent bystanders and did not deserve this sudden end to their lives. They had bright futures ahead of them which were destroyed because of this groundless attack
Family and friends should not have to suffer this cruel and heartbreaking loss. The loss of their loved ones was needless and unacceptable. I condemn this horrible moment in time and I hope this will never happen to another family again.

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