Ride High meaning (Idiom)


Ride High idiom

Ride high is an idiom and it means to be successful at something or to feel good and happy at a certain time.

For example:

  • They finished their final exams and were riding high thinking about their summer holidays ahead.
  • Their success in the trials had them riding high and excited for the main competition.
  • After the proposal, the newly engaged couple were riding high. They couldn’t wait to tell their friends and family.
  • I’ve been riding high ever since I got the promotion in work.
  • The football team is riding high this year, they have won every home game and are certain to win the championship.

Here is a dialogue with the idiom ride high:

Harvey: Do you have any updates for me? We need to know where we stand in the polls if we want to win this election.
Mike: I do, they have counted the votes and are double checking everything before the results are released to the press.

Harvey: Were you given any indication as to where we stand?
Mike: Yes, they said we are riding high in the pools and that it looks like a guarantee win for our party.

Harvey: Well done, you have done a great job and deserve to celebrate this victory.
Mike: Thank you sir. I’m so thrilled, I’m riding high myself![/blockquote]

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