Ride or Drive. What is the difference?


What is the difference between ride and drive? It really depends on the type of vehicle, mode of transport and the sentence construction. Of course, both words have multiple meanings. We will look at it right now.

General consensus is that we use ride for 2 wheel modes of transport: vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, scooters.

On the other hand, we use drive mainly for 4 wheel modes of transport such as: car, lorry, van, tractor etc.

In this context, we assume the person is in control of the vehicle.

Ride and Drive are the verbs.

  • He drives a BMW.
  • He rides a Harley Davidson.

Click here to see the examples ››› Ride meaning  Drive meaning

These are the main differences between ride and drive. Some can be used in similar contexts and others in a totally different manner. Hope this was helpful!

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