Salty Snacks. Meaning with Examples


Salty snacksΒ can be examples of fatty foods but with more of a distinction.

Salty snacksΒ are foods that are high in salt and quick to consume.Β A bag of crisps or pretzels would beΒ greatΒ example of aΒ salty snack.

In our modern world where everybody is busy and running around from appointment to appointment,Β salty snacksΒ are more popular than ever before. Because they are so quick to eat and so tasty, many people prefer eating them over sitting down for a healthy meal.

Again, they are okay once in a while, but not every day and not all the time! Keep yourΒ saltΒ intake down because it can be very damaging.

Tina:Β Lyle, would you like a crisp?

Lyle:Β No thanks, Tina, I’m trying to give upΒ salty snacks.

Tina:Β Oh really? How come?

Lyle:Β My doctor told me I’m eating too much salt, so I just use it with my meals very lightly and I’ve stopped eatingΒ salty snacks.

Tina:Β Okay, good for you! I might stop eating them as well!

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