Separate TO or separate FROM? Here is the answer


In general, the word separate is connected to the preposition from.

What do you think is it Separate TO or separate FROM?

Separate from  is grammatically correct, while separate to is very old and not used any longer.

1. Separate from is a synonym of “different to.”

That’s why you might think that separate to is also correct. But different can also be connected to the preposition from.

Separate From Examples

  • He always has to do things differently, to be separate from the rest
  • She’s so different from her sister.

Separate from also has another meaning, and not just being different.

2. Separate means that two or more things are apart from each other.

This is also another reason why it’s connected to the preposition from. Things are far apart from each other.


  • Keep the meat separate from the fish.
  • The students have to be far apart from each other in the classroom. 

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