Separate vs Seperate ✌️What is the difference?


In some cases, it’s not easy to know the difference between words that are spelled very similarly. In this post, I will explain the difference between “separate” and “seperate”!


Separate can be a verb or adjective.

  • As a verb, it means to be apart, to make different from one another.
  • Separate is also an adjective meaning apart, individual, or different

Related forms of the word include separation (noun), separated (past tense verb), separating (continuous verb)


  • What can we do to separate the two liquids from each other? (verb)
  • Oh, we use separate bank accounts just to make things clear. That way, there are no questions. (noun)
  • Can you separate the names right now or are they already in separate lists? (first verb, second noun)
  • I believe that the separation of powers in our government is crucial to its running smoothly. (noun)


This is not a word. This is the incorrectly-spelled form of the word separate. Do not use this word unless you are deliberately trying to spell it wrong.

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Lewis Talley
Lewis Talley
5 years ago

In the 70s, it was commonly taught in schools here in the US that seperate (with two Es and one A) was an adjective. As usual, they change the rules once you learn them! That explains why it’s so difficult for foreigners to learn English and kids no longer are required to respect adults or to be able to spell “a” in order to graduate!

Reply to  Lewis Talley
5 years ago

Didn’t know that! 😃 Thank you for sharing! 🤓

5 years ago

I was taught in the 80’s and very early 90’s in my US English classes that seperate and separate were two different but similar things. But darned if I remember the differences now!

Reply to  Ratha
5 years ago