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Hello English explorers, Are you looking for a job where your resume needs to be in English? Then this is the post for you!

Today, we are going to talk about the skills list that you need to put on the resume at the bottom of the paper.

A good question to ask is why would a company want to know what skills you have?

For any one job vacancy, up to five hundred applicants. Many of this candidates will have very similar education and work experience.

The skills section allows Human Resources to see what kind of person you are or your personality type based on the skills that you have.

Rather than just seeing you for your education and work background, they can see how you spend your free time or even better, what you can bring to the company.

I am going to provide a list of skills that could be included at the end of your resume. Each skill will have a brief description of the skill set.

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Without further adeu, here are some skills that can be included on your resume:


Do you play any sports? This could also be a type of martial arts that you practice. If you practice Karate or Taekwondo then put that as a skill set.

Perhaps the interviewer also does the same sport as you and this would be a good way to break the ice (start the converesation).

Computer skills

Do know Microsoft Office Suite or OS Mac? This is almost a most on everyone’s resume. If you know code like C++ or Java then make sure you add this here.

You don’t know any software languages but you know photoshop or you know some Adobe software? Include that piece of information.

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Chances are that you speak a different language if you are reading this blog post. Make sure you include the level of each language. This could be fluent, native, advanced, intermediate and beginner.

Health knowledge

If you know CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) or First Aid, then make sure you include this as a skill. Accidents happen in the office and having someone short of being a nurse would be a plus to any office. If it comes down between you and someone else, you could get picked because you have knowledge of CPR. Make sure your training is updated.

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Have you won any awards at previous jobs or even at school? Did you have perfect attendence at school? This would be an execellent thing to share on your resume. If you have perfect attendence then you will not be missing a lot of days at work.

Were you the employee of the month at that last job? This would be a great story to tell as to why or how you got this award.


Perhaps you entered a contest and won the award. This could be an art contest. They might need an artists eye to look at some company products or website. Maybe you won a contest for writing. You could get more responsibilities at the company.

You never know. They could have a need for that skill that you were better than others at. So write about that contest, even an eating contest could be a way for you to get their attention.

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Skills that they have listed in the job description:

When you have run out of ideas and you don’t know what to write, then look at which skills they are looking for in candidates. Very often, the companies will list what they are looking for and you can add those to your list.

This lets the Human Resources know that you wrote a personal resume for their place of work. It also shows that you fit perfectly into job requirement skills.


If you have a skill at planning or event planning then this is a great thing to include on your resume. You might not have to plan for a big event (there are companies that can do that) but meetings and parties happen all of the time in offices.

This could be a big plus during the hiring process. Events are usually happy times and if this topic comes up during the interview, then the feelings of happiness are brought up.

Having good feelings will leave a positive image on the time that Human Resources had spent with you. You might even get hired for that skill set.

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Organization is a very important skill that every company is looking for. A disorganized company is nothing that anyone wants. Being organized helps saves money.

If you can help a company become more organized, then you can help the company in more ways than one. The company has to follow rules and bookkeeping can help a company be in line with the rules and regulations.

Many jobs have more than one role. If you can help organize the legal department, human resources or finances then every company would want to have you on board.

Team leader

Every team needs someone to help lead that team. Putting on your resume that you can lead a team is a big assest. Managers can not always be on every committee or every project. Managers and directors take orders from their supervisors.

The managers need to have someone who can take direction and keep a group of people on track, because they have other meetings to attend to. If you are a team leader then make sure you include that on your resume.

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Perhaps you are not a team leader, but you can work with others. More than being efficent as a worker, most companies want workers that get along.

That is right. More than being a good worker, companies want no drama in the workplace. Being a team player or being skilled in teamwork is an important asset for any company.

That concludes this post on the skills you should list on your resume.

Can you think of any other skills? Let me know in the comments below.

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