15 Synonyms for Rules: Control, Order, Judge, Dominate, Manage,…


The word Rules is a verb used in  the 3rd person present and has a couple of meanings depending on context.

a) Rules

Use of ultimate power or authority of an area or a group of people.

The country is ruled by a dictator and he rules with an iron fist!

Synonyms for this meaning:

1. Govern

Carry out the laws, policies. Affairs, and actions of a state, organization or people with authority.

The new President of Atlantis has promised to rule the sea with an iron fork!

2. Preside over

This is a phrasal verb, meaning to preside over something.   It is to be in a position of power while important events, activities or changes are occurring.

The CEO presided over one of the biggest mergers in the industry’s history.

3. Control     

It is the authority and power to influence or manage people’s actions and behaviors.

The hypnotist had complete control of the audience and had them all literally howling at his jokes!

4. Lead 

To be in control of an organization, activity, process or group of people.

The General lead his troops with a brutal iron fist!

5. Dominate

To be the most important, powerful and direct control of something, someone, or activity.

He dominated his servants like they were his slaves.

6. Administer

To be responsible for making decisions and directing a company, people, organization, body/legal entity or institution.

The President of KitKat land appointed General Henry Oh to administer martial law until the threat of the Jellybean group was eliminated.

7. Manage

Have the authority, position or control of a group of people, business, organization, institution, project or land.

The unmerciful dictator managed his country with intimidation and fear.

8. Reign

A period of time when a king or royal like person rules land, people or country.  It can also refer to a period of time when a appointed or elected person, group has influence and/or control.

The relentless reign of my manager over our department has forced me to consider going to work for a different company as I have no chance for advancement.

b) Rules 

Pronounce authority over and to be legally stated.

The EU patent court ruled today that ABC violated the law and was  ordered to pay damages to XYZ company.

9. Decree

An official decision, judgment or order by a government, legislative body, or court.

The President’s decreed that after the death of famous egg,  Humpty, there will be a national day of mourning where people ate fruit for breakfast.

10. Order 

An authoritative command or instruction.

The CEO gave the order to shut the factory after the explosion.

11. Pronounce

To officially and formally state a opinion, decision or o pinion.

The kangaroo court pronounced that more than 40 hops a minute was too fast and was causing too many accidents.

12. Judge

Decide the or make a decision, opinion or conclusion about something, somebody, and action, behavior.

After much consideration they judged the performance as the  best.

13. Ordain

To officially order that something should be done.

After convening the parliament, it was ordained that the    Prime Minister must call an election as he has lost the parliament’s confidence.

14. Find

Officially declare something.

The jury found all the King’s Men guilty of killing Humpty and his death was not an accident.

15. Settle

To decide something in finality or definitely.

The referee settled the game by declaring the Red team as the winners.

c) Rules 


The opposite of sucks.

Jack: “That sucks man!

Paul:  No way, it rules! Now I can go home!

Something that is of higher quality or higher status and value.

I love Sushi! It rules!

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