11 Synonyms for Important with examples and definitions


important, king, Main, Chief, Principal, Key, Major, Salient, Prime, Foremost, Paramount, Crucial, Essential

Synonyms for Important

Important refers to something that is of great significance or value. If something is important then it is likely to make a strong impact on the success or failure of something.

  • Learning English is important for my future.

Important is a word often used when speaking and writing English. Therefore it is useful to know other ways or synonyms for this important word.


is the most important of something. It often refers to something being the biggest, first or most connected. For example main roads are roads that are connected to many other smaller roads. 

Just about every city in America has a “main street”. These are streets that were usually the first street in the city, and they are connected to many other smaller streets.

  • The main thing that I have to do this summer is learn how to play chess.


has many meanings. It can be the leader of a group, tribe, or clan. This would make them the most important person of the group.

  • The chief of our clan helps us decide disputes.

It can also be the person who is at the top of an organization, or at the top of a department in an organization, like a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or a COO (chief operating officer)

  • Our CEO sets the goals for the upcoming year.

Chief can also mean the most important.

  • My chief concern is John’s behavior in class.


means that someone or something is the most important or first in order of importance.

  • I’m learning English because I want to travel, but my principal reason is because it will help me get a job.

It can also refer to the person with the highest authority. This is often used in the school system.

  • The principal of our school is very strict.


refers to someone or something being extremely important. Without a key component (part) an organization or system may not be able to function properly.

In large companies, certain people are designated as a “key man”, meaning they are extremely important and there needs to be a plan put in place just in case they are not able to do their job any longer.

  • This is a key element of the machine.


when something is major it is key. It is a very important part of something. This is an element that is more important than other elements.

  • Not knowing the sounds that the letters make is a major problem in learning English.


means that something is the most important or the most noticeable or most prominent.

  • The salient point is that without her hard work the company would not be doing as well as it is.


refers to something that is first or the most important. It can often be substituted with or for main.

  • The prime goal for this quarter is to reduce the number of returned products.

Prime can also refer to the main thing that other elements proceed from. This can be thought of in a way that is similar to a main road.  The prime element connects everything else together.

  • Scientist often try to locate the prime element, in order to gain a better understanding of how things are connected.

It can also refer to something that is the best. Prime rib is an example of this. It refers to the best cut of the rib.

  • He is the prime striker on the football team.

It also means that someone or something is in the most active or successful period of time. This can refer to a person or an organization.

  • These are the prime working years of her career.


refers to someone or something that has the highest rank. This word is often used in essays to describe the most important reason the author will give.

It can also be used to describe people. Used in this way, this words can often be substituted for leading.

  • He is the foremost scientist in his field.


means something is the most important.

  • It is paramount that we find the missing child before it gets dark.


means that something will play a large factor in whether something is successful or not.

  • Understanding the weather patterns is crucial in being able to predict the path of a hurricane.


refers to something that is absolutely necessary. It’s something that must happen.

  • It is essential that we are on time for the meeting.

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