12 Synonyms for Sex: Coitus, Copulation, Nooky, Mating, Relations,…


The word “Sex” can be used as a noun or a verb.  The word we know today comes from the Latin “sexus” In it’s most basic from it is used to describe male and female genders.  It has become a informal or euphemism for “sexual intercourse” and is one of the most common words used in the English language.



In relation to people we use this to describe sexual activity which would include the act of having sex or sexual intercourse.

Contextual Synonyms

a) General

1. Sexual intercourse

Sexual contact between individuals involving penetration, especially the insertion of a man’s erect penis into a woman’s vagina, typically culminating in orgasm and the ejaculation of semen.

It is common for couples to have sexual intercourse on their wedding night

2. Making love/Lovemaking

Sexual activity between lovers, especially sexual intercourse.  This is often used as a more romantic way having sex.

I want to make love to you, and not just have sex.

3. (Sexual) Relations

The act of sex or having sex between two people.

I believe our kids are having sexual relations and I believe they are still too young!

4. Mating

Generally reserved for describing the sexual act between animals.  The action of animals coming together to breed.

b) Informal

5. Nooky

An informal slang for the act of having sex.

He is getting some nooky tonight

6. Whoopee

This word can have two meanings.  One is to express  enthusiasm. It is also used to express  the act of having sex.

They’re making whoopee!

7. Bonking

Having sex.

I think the neighbors are done arguing and are now boinking!

8. A roll in the hay

This has some literal context and comes From a bunch of people living on farms, where there were other people in the house, so if a couple wanted a little private time they’d have go into the barn, up in the hayloft, or out in the fields. And … roll around on their backs a bit, on the soft hay

Her boyfriend wanted to have a quick roll in the hay before her parents came home, but she said no way!

9. Quickie

A reference to have sex very quickly or in a short period time.

They had a quickie before the kids woke up and again before going to work! They are like animals!

c) Formal

10. Fornication

Formal way of describing the act of sex, usually between two people. 

My goodness, all they do is fornicate!

11. Copulation

Used with both people and animals to describe the act of having sex.

In the wild, males may seek copulation with the female lion.

d) Technical

12. Coitus

A formal or technical way of saying sexual intercourse.  At times, it is used in a comedic manner to describe the act of sex.  In the popular show “The Big Bang Theory” the character Sheldon would often refer to sexual intercourse between two characters.

They are always copulating, don’t they have any other hobbies?!

To describe gender

The two main categories are male and female based on reproductive functions.


Sex (verb)

The act of determining the sex of something or somebody.

He will be sexing the rats before the experiment.

Sex (Verb, Informal)

Presenting something in a more interesting and fun way.

In order to sell the car the actress was sexing up the commercial.

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