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9 Brilliant Websites to Learn and Practice Present Perfect

The other day, a language learner who had signed up for our newsletter, asked me where he could find useful information about the Present...

Basic English: How to Use Have, Has, Had? (Video)

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd4MScADY94&feature=related Recommended for you: Difference Between I DON'T HAVE and I HAVE NO! MODAL VERB + HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE! I had to or I must? What is...

Warning! The Most Common Grammar Mistakes [Infographic]

image source To avoid these mistakes you can use Grammar and Spell Checkers which will instantly proofread your text. ››› What is a homophone? ›› Homophones list...

Subjunctive “I Wish I Were” – English Grammar [Infographic]

image source In modern, spoken English both ’I wish I were’ and ‘I wish I was’ are accepted as being grammatically correct, but usually and...

English Grammar in Pop Songs – Part 2

This is the Part 2 and the last part of "English Grammar in Pop Songs" series. You will find the Part 1 here. It's a...

15 Most Useful Phrasal Verbs [Infographic]

data visualizations.   Recommended for you: Phrasal Verbs with Look Common Phrasal Verbs with ON!

Commonly Confused Adjectives with Explanations (Infographic)

For me as an English language learner, adjectives are one of the most confusing parts of grammar. You have to understand them, then you...

English Grammar in Pop Songs Exercises – Part 1

Here’s a fun way to test your knowledge of English grammar and English listening skills. Listed below are five video clips of some popular...

15 Grammar Goofs that make you look silly (Infographic)

Grammar is very important when you start learning English. So why not to make it easier to understand with infografics?Like this infographic? Get more...