Unbelievably Crazy English Lesson with Ricky Gervais [Video]


crazy english lesson

Have you heard about Ricky Gervais? Me neither …. till yesterday. Yep.

I was searching for keywords you would type into Google when you are looking for learning English tips and I saw this: “learn English with Ricky Gervais”.

Who is this guy??? I since found out he has over 3 million followers on Twitter. Why???

Because he is an actor.

So there was a youtube video in the search results. He made some English video lessons. WOW! I watched one (the one you will find below) and I don’t know what to say. It is more crazy and funny for me than an English lesson.

But let’s see what you say. If you share it I will know you like it. If you don’t share it I will never talk about Ricky again. 🙂

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