Was the film good? Is it grammatically correct?


Is it correct?

If you ask what the movie is like, you are not really asking how the movie was or whether it was good. That question is more if you want to know how the movie made the viewer feel, or their overall impression of the story.

If I were you, I will say;

Was the movie good ? / Was the movie any good ?


What is the movie like ?

Yes, the interrogative sentence, ‘was the film good?’ is grammatically correct. There are many ways of asking about a film, I have listed a few questions below:

  • How was the film?
  • What did you think of the film?
  • What did you think of the actors/characters in the film?
  • Did you like the film?
  • Did you enjoy the film?
  • Was the film well-made?
  • Would you watch it again?
  • Did you prefer this film to the other film?
  • Did you like the special effects?
  • Did you think the movie was funny?
  • Was the film scary?
  • Was the plot well-thought-out?
  • Was the film interesting?

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