Watch – Look At – See Difference


watch, look at, see

The most important difference between these three is about how active you are when you are performing the task.


When you look at something, you see it but you are not necessarily paying much attention to it. Often this means that you will look away quite quickly as you are not interested.

😉Then or Than [Grammar]

😉Then or Than [Grammar]
😉Then or Than [Grammar]
  • He looked at the television, the family were watching a gameshow. He didn’t like gameshows.

Whereas with watch, you are paying attention completely and you are actively using your eyes to see what is happening.

  • They told him to watch carefully, because the bird they were looking for was very fast.

Then we move onto see, and this one it is probably the least active of the three. You see something simply if it comes into your line of sight.

  • Suddenly, he saw the bird! It flew right past his window.

So there you have it!

In order of activity these verbs go:

  1. Watch
  2. Look at
  3. See


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