What are Fatty Foods? Foods High in Fat

fatty foods

fatty foods

Here we go, the supposed devil of all foods.

Fatty foods always seem to be the things that taste really good! The fact is that they are usually not that good for you and they need to be eaten in moderation.

Fats can make you gain weight if you eat too many and do not exercise enough but the thing is, we actually need a little bit of fat to live a healthy life!

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Yes, you read that correctly, we need fat. But just a little bit.

One thing to remember is that too many fatty foods can also have more serious problems like clogging up your arteries (blocking them so that blood can’t flow) and also heart problems.

What are fatty foods? Foods high in fat

Fatty foods include: chocolate, cake, chips, most things you can buy in a fast food restaurant and bacon.
So, enjoy your favourite snacks once in a while and know that as long as you don’t eat too much, you are doing the right thing!

Eating too many fatty foods, of course, will make you gain weight.

Let’s look at an example dialogue:

Graham: Oh, I do love chocolate, Tania. I’ve been eating it every day! I can’t stop!

Tania: Well, Graham, you know that’s not healthy.

Graham: What?

Tania: Yeah! If you eat too many fatty foods you can clog up your arteries and you could also put on weight.

Graham: Oh yeah, I know, but I don’t eat too much.

Tania: If you say so, but just remember to eat everything in moderation. Find a balance.

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