What does fortune mean?


Fortune means luck.
At certain times we can be fortunate in life with the supportive friends that we made in college or a dream job we found.
Other times we can be unfortunate in life, maybe we lose our dream job or miss a very important flight.
Fortune can also refer to one’s wealth and riches.
This wealth can refer to material wealth such as money or property, it can also refer to non-material wealth, to one’s quality of life such as health, family, human rights.
Below are examples of how we can use Fortune in an English sentence.

  • Her good fortune helped her pass her exams and become a lawyer.
  • Tom believes he is very unlucky in life, he is very pessimistic about his own fortune.
  • Fortune-tellers claim they can tell a person’s future by reading the lines on the person’s hands or by tarot reading.
  • Mr. Smith made his fortune as a gold miner during the California Gold Rush.
  • The successful business woman’s fortune was distributed equally between her three children once she passed away.
  • “The office building cost a fortune but it was worth it.” The owner commented to her assistant.
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