What does “Gollum-like” mean?


Gollum-like is an adjective, it means that something or someone resembles, looks like or acts like a Gollum.
Gollum is a fictional character from the novel Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. He is a slimy, ugly, mutated creature. Anything that is described as Gollum-like is seen as hideous or ugly. 

  • They found a Gollum-like creature in the ocean, it was a mutated fish.
  • The children came across a Gollum-like animal in the woods, they were terrified.


This construction is used a lot in English but it doesn’t always require the dash. It is an adjective used to describe the qualities of a noun.
For example:
Childlike – this adjective can describe someone or something that is innocent, naive or immature.

  • The person is like a child, she is childlike.
  • He has a childlike nature, he is very trusting and can be naive at times.

Balloon-like-this describes something or someone that resembles a balloon in some way.

  • The balloon-like object in the sea was actually a sea lion.
  • The swelling on her ankle was so big, it was balloon-like.

Godlike-a noun that features some of the same characteristics of a god.

  • The superhero had godlike powers.
  • His grandfather was godlike to him, he idolised his grandfather.
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