What does Hashtag mean? Trending Instagram Hashtags


and how do hashtags work?

A hashtag is another word for the pound symbol: #

When used for social media or online communication, the symbol is referred to as a hashtag. While it is now used on many different websites, it is most common on social media to help other people find specific types of posts.

A certain hashtag can differentiate a word from its normal use. For example, if you have a conference named TREK, you probably want to differentiate posts on social media about the conference from ones about trekking or hiking in nature. To do so, you could have your conference participants tweet or post on Facebook with a hashtag in front of the word (#TREK), which brings up different search results.

Common social media websites that have hashtags like these are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

How do Hashtags work?

On each social media platform, there should be a list of “trending hashtags”, or hashtags that lots of recent posts are using. This can be a great way to see what the breaking news is, or see what might be happening in a certain city or country at the time.

Posting with this hashtag means that people are likely to see it, since there are lots of people writing about the topic.

Trending Instagram Hashtags

Popular trending hashtags on Instagram include: #good #instagood #love #photooftheday #beautiful

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