What does ‘scenery’ mean?


What does ‘scenery’ mean?

The noun ‘scenery’ refers to things we find in one particular place in nature such as rivers, trees, mountains, plants, lakes, etc. These things make up the landscape and are usually beautiful or picturesque.


There are many places around the world that are famous for their unique scenery such as the highest waterfall in the world in Venezuela called the Angel Falls or Lake Nakuru in Kenya which is full of pink flamingos or the tall cliffs found in Ireland called the Cliffs of Moher.

The scenery at the Cliffs of Moher is breathtaking, it consists of stunning views of the Arran Islands, the Atlantic ocean crashing against the enormous cliffs and unique wildlife such as razorbills and puffins.


People travel thousands of miles to witness these unique sceneries. Photographers want to capture the natural beauty of these places. Tourists want to see the famous scenery in real life, environmentalists wish to be part of the nature of the scenery or even to study it.


The noun can also be used to refer to the background and props on a theatre stage or on a film set. A bar scene in a play may have dark curtains, low-hanging lights, a bar stand with stools and bottles of liquid, or tables and chairs scattered around the stage. Whereas the scenery in a mountain scene might consist of a backdrop painted in blue, white and grey in the shape of mountains, snow, clouds, and sky. The scenery in plays and on film sets are used to convey the setting of a particular scene to the audience, to make the audience feel like they’re part of the play or film. 

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