What does the term ‘brain drain’ mean?


What does the term ‘brain drain’ mean?

This term ‘brain drain’ is used to describe the movement of well-educated and highly skilled professionals from their native country to a foreign country that usually has more job opportunities, better working conditions, higher salaries and an overall higher standard of living.

Many of these professionals are scientists or academics, they usually receive a high level of education in their native country and many times gain valuable experience in the field before migrating to another country with better living conditions.

This movement of skilled individuals, leaves the home country with a lack of intellectual resources and professionals. On the other hand, the host country gains skilled professionals who are ready and eager to start working.

Back to the Drawing Board meaning 🎨📋 [idiom]

Back to the Drawing Board meaning ...
Back to the Drawing Board meaning 🎨📋 [idiom]


Here are some examples of the term being used:

  • The lack of job opportunities for young Irish teachers has resulted in a significant brain drain from Ireland to the Middle East. Many young teachers decide to immigrate after they become qualified teachers as it is very difficult to secure a permanent teaching job.
  • Many countries set up beneficial programmes or incentives to encourage skilled and qualified professionals to stay in their native country and to prevent an intellectual brain drain.


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