What does “you are my inestimable value” mean?


The phrase “inestimable value” means an incalculable worth or amount. You may hear a jeweller describe the jewellery at his or her store as having inestimable value for example.
It could also be used figuratively, to demonstrate the unimaginable value or worth of something that isn’t physical or that doesn’t have a monetary value. For example, the love and support she received from her family is of inestimable value.
Here are some more examples:

  • The results of the earthquake caused severe damage of inestimable value to the village. The analysts will try to calculate the costs to repair all damages once all citizens have been accounted for.
  • The oil trade is of inestimable worth to the countries economy.
  • The guidance given to the troubled prisoner by the counsellor had an inestimable value to the prisoner once he was released from prison.

Therefore, I would interpret the sentence “you are my inestimable value” to mean that somebody has an incalculable significance or value to somebody else. That this person means a lot to somebody and the relationship is priceless to that person.
A child could have an inestimable value to their parents or a couple could feel that their partner is of inestimable value to them, for example.

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