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Is oogle a word?


What is Oogle?

Oogle is a term used to describe a person who is homeless by choice, and earns money by panhandling. The term originates from the underground punk culture. Oogle has been a term used since the 1990s.

Oogles are people who identify with transient punks, meaning people who don’t have a fixed address and move around like nomads. They often use trains and sneak aboard public transportation from city to city. Oogles are specific because they tend to work from time to time, often panhandling stolen or used goods.

Oogles are perceived as dirty, and are often connected to the hippie culture, despite the fact that they are connected to the punk movement. Being an oogle is a choice, and they are not forced into being homeless.

Oogles meaning

Some see oogles as modern nomads, because of their lifestyle and constant moving from city to city. Since oogles are not forced to be homeless, they often revert back to their normal lives after finishing their journey.

Being an oogle is a lifestyle more than anything else. It is not connected to any political affiliation.

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