What is the difference between “wear” and “put on”?


The phrasal verb to put on is the action of dressing. Is is the action of putting an item of clothing such as a pair of jeans or a t-shirt on your body.
After the pair of jeans or the t-shirt have been put on, you are wearing these clothes.
To wear is the action of using the clothing for a certain period of time.
Here are some examples:

  • “Put on your shoes, we are going to the shop” his father told him.
  • “It’s lashing rain, I’m going to put on my rain coat. You should too” she advised her friend.
  • They put on their jerseys and went to the football match.
  • “What are you going to wear to the meeting tomorrow? I’m going to wear a black suit” his colleague said.
  • Every student has to wear their uniform to school.
  • Most brides wear a white dress on their wedding day and most grooms wear a tuxedo.
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