What is the meaning of remote working?


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That is a splendid question.

For example, when you are an employee and you have work to do and you take it out of the office and do it. This means ” Remote working”

Management methods have had to adapt to the rise in popularity of remote working.

this is an example from Cambridge university site.

A remote worker is somebody who works outside of a customary office. A worker may telecommute, from a bistro, or from anyplace that isn’t a general office; in spite of the fact that relying upon the sort of occupation they do, they may wind up going into an office now and again (if the organization’s center is geologically near them).

An organization may have a group of remote workers (i.e., a remote workforce) or a blend of both office workers and remote workers. So in the event that you express that you’re searching for a remote worker part of a set of working responsibilities, work searchers will expect this isn’t an office work.

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