What is the passive voice of OPEN THE DOOR?


Open the door! is an imperative sentence, which is used to order someone (not very politely) to go and open the door.
Normally, imperative sentences are not used in the passive voice, as we are speaking directly to someone when telling them what to do.

Even though it doesn’t sound very natural, it is possible to rephrase these sentences in the passive voice using the following structure:
let + object + be + past participle

  • Let the door be opened.

Other examples:

  • Eat your food.
  • Let your food be eaten.


  • Stop this nonsense.
  • Let this nonsense be stopped.


  • Don’t paint the walls.
  • Let the walls not be painted.

To learn more about the passive voice, read To learn more about the passive voice, read How To Use The Passive Voice With Helpful Examples.

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