What’s VSCO girl mean?


What are VSCO girl essentials? / What do VSCO girls wear?

VSCO girls are a fashion trend that started in summer 2019. Because this trend is in fashion there are some things VSCO girls wear often. These parts of their clothing are considered essentials for being a VSCO girl.

Some VSCO girl essentials are birkenstock sandals, Champion hoodies, Vans shoes, Crocs, oversized vintage T-shirts, crop tops, and other things. These essentials are combined into a VSCO girl look.

VSCO girls essentials are called that because without those clothes, or those types of clothes, you can’t follow the trend. In order to engage with this trend you have to wear the essentials.

What are VSCO girl phrases?

VSCO girls are active on social media, which is where this trend started in 2019. Because VSCO girls are so active online they have coined some phrases that are associated with the trend. These phrases are mostly presented in writing because they come from status updates online, and general posts on social media.

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OFC Meaning 😉- MyEnglishTeacher.eu

One VSCO girl phrase is “sksksk.” This is used a description of shock, amazement, or excitement. It’s written this way because it’s supposed to sound like a person getting very excited and doing noises. “sksksk” is used in posts across social media and is one of the most famous VSCO girl phrases.


  • SKSKSKSKSKSK I can’t believe my idol replied to my tweet. SKSKSKSK
  • He finally told me he liked me. I still can’t believe it. Sksksk
  • Then she turned around and smacked Ashley in the face. I was like SKSKSKSK

A similar VSCO girl phrase is “and I oop.” It means the same thing as “sksksk,” and mimics excitement. “and I oop” can also express embarrassment, as well as disbelief.


  • First I can’t get in the club. Then my purse falls down and all my stuff spills out. The I was and I oop ad out of there.
  • When I asked her is she had slept with him she just and I ooped me!
  • You can’t just and I oop every time I ask you.

The last famous VSCO girl phrase is “scrunchie squad.” A scrunchie is a big, fluffy and puffed up, hair band. VSCO girls wear them as a part of the essentials. Because of this girls who are part of the VSCO girl trend are also part of the “scrunchie squad.”


  • My girls and I are staying home, watching Netflix. Just the scrunchie squad today.

Can VSCO girl be black?

Yes, a VSCO girl can be any race. It’s a trend that any woman in the world can follow if she wants. VSCO girls follow fashion trends, and are part of the trend based on the clothes that they wear.

What does VSCO girl stand for?

VSCO is a photo editing app that’s pronounced as “visco.” It’s easy to use and has been used frequently by young women for their posts on social media. This is why the app has become part of their name.

So, VSCO girl would be pronounced as “visco girl.” It’s the name attached to women across the world that follow a certain fashion trend. VSCO does not describe their clothing, but is a part of their name because the app was used in their posts.

How was VSCO girl created?

VSCO wasn’t created, but started. As with any trend it started with a couple of people, and them spread until more people participated. When it became really big and known it got a name and was declared an online trend.

VSCO girl started as a small fashion and online posting trend in the summer of 2019. It evolved through TikTok, and gained the name VSCO girl because of the photo editing app the participants used. When more people started commenting on the posts the VSCO girl trend was made.

When is national VSCO girl day?

There is no official, government VSCO girl day. There is day proposed online, and is the current “offical” national VSCO girl day. It’s on October 1st, just after summer as a reminder of summer 2019 when the trend started.

VSCO girl vs e-girl?

VSCO girls and e-girls are very different. VSCO girls follow a certain modest fashion trend. They wear specific designer clothes without flashy and bright colors.

E-girls, on the other hand, wear only flashy and bright colors. Makeup is an important part of being an e-girl, but for VSCO girls it’s not. E-girls wear different color wigs, and VSCO girls don’t wear any.

VSCO girls and e-girls are almost completely opposite in how they dress, which trends they follow, and how they behave online.

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