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Hello, My name is Jean Trinquier. I’m french and fluent in English. I do an internship for a Languages school based in Manchester. I would like to create conversation topics with a lot of people possible. I will invit my students. You can add me on Skype :
Skype ID : jean.mcalanguages
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jean.trinquier

Hello. My name is Yakup, I want to improve. Add me please. https://m.facebook.com/yakupdurak87

  • Hello. I´m Hazem, from Egypt. I´m 27 and would like to practice English because of my job.


Hello to everyone. I’m Raul Sanchez, from Colombia. I am very interested to meet people to practice English and learn about different cultures. Thank you. This is my profile of Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rsanchezcontreras

Hi, I’m Jane from Taipei. I need to practice to pass exam in English. Thanks.


Hello everyone Im looking for a friend to help me in improving my english. always keen on making new friends and to the new culture. would like to learn and meet new people from all over the world ,

Hello, My name is Golf. From thailand. I would like to practice english. Add me plz.

Hi my name is Van, I’m from Mexico and I want to practice my English and improve it. i’m starting to learn japanese and I know little bit of german.

i want practice english i am arabic native speaker

my name is hazem 22 old it’s nice to practice english with someone

Hello everybody!
My name is Thapanee, you can call me ‘Ice’.
I’m 20 yrs old. I’m studying Faculty of Science, major Chemical Technology.
I want to improve my English skill and know new people.

Hi, I want to improve my English skills, talking with someone. 🙂
I’m native Polish speaker. Add me if you are interested in.

Hi, I’m leonel,I’m argentinian and i want to talking with someone because i need practice my english. I’m native spanish speaker. this is my profile https://www.facebook.com/leonel.aquino2

Hey, I’m arum from Indonesia. I wanna practice on facebook, please invite me on facebook. my facebook is arum aprillia charismi or facebook.com/arum.aprillia.9

Hey, I’m arum from Indonesia. I wanna practice on facebook, please invite me on facebook. my facebook is arum aprillia charismi or facebook.com/arum.aprillia.9

i’d like to practice my english and meet some new friend. My name is Julio and I like to listen to rock music and watch action movies


Hi My name is Holme
I’m 19 years old
I’d like to improve my English  l

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3 years ago

hello my name is Zakaria, I’m a 19 year old moroccan, I’m an Arabic native speaker and I wish I could meet some English native speaker to help me emprove my level in it especially the speaking and the conversationnal skills, if you’re one I’ll be gratefull if you contact me on facebook here m.facebook.com/zakaria.erradi.988