Why is leadership important?


This question has many different parts to the answer.

  1. Leadership is required to control or influence the direction of a country, company, organization, or even a family.

Let’s use a comparison and compare leadership to someone driving a bus. While there are many passengers inside the bus, only one person controls the direction it is traveling. Could you imagine what would happen if every person on the bus had their own steering wheel? It would crash no doubt.


Therefore, leadership is required for control.

  1. Leadership also helps keep things organized.

If a business had no leader and everyone just did what they wanted, it would soon become chaotic and very little would get done.

The opposite is also true, and a famous idiom about it is, too many chefs in the kitchen spoil the soup. It means that when there are too many people trying to take the lead, the work does not get done and could even be damaged. Imagine a business where everyone was in leadership, and there was no one actually to do the work!


Without Leadership, there is no organization.

  1. Leaders are also responsible for making decisions that are in the best interests of everyone.

Everyone is different and has their own opinions, without leadership making decisions becomes very difficult and can create problems between people. Good leaders are trusted by those under them to make decisions for the mutual benefit of their country, business, employees, or family.

Therefore, decision-making is better handled by leadership, someone who is aware of all the facts needed to make the right decision.

Further reasons for the importance of leadership could also be,

  • Someone needs to take responsibility for the actions of their country, company, organization or family.
  • Leadership sets the example expected for those under them.
  • Leadership also maintains quality control of the work products or effects of their country, company, organization or family.

Possibly the most interesting part of leadership though is making sure that those under them are cared for. Therefore, leadership is important because it means working to serve the needs of their country, company, organization or family.

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