Why the headlines of newspapers are often in present tense?


for example: Obama meets to Donald Trump

The use of the Simple Present tense to describe past events is called historical present and it is very common in newspaper headlines.
As the word newspaper itself suggests, newspapers deal with current affairs showing the readers what the latest news is. Using the present tense makes the events appear more urgent, and that attracts more readers. Even if something happened days or weeks ago, the headline suggests that it still has an impact and it is still important for the reader to learn about it.
Another thing to consider may be the fact that journalists report events as they are happening, a bit like when commentators narrate what is happening during a sporting event. You might be reading the narration after the events have passed, just like you can watch last year’s cup final today, a certain sense of immediacy is maintained by the employment of the present tense.

To learn more about the Simple Present tense, check out this post.

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