5 Words that End in Q

show, display, exhibit, manifest, present, expose

There are very few words in the English language that end in “q”. This is because the letter q is almost always followed by u, and usually if it is used at the middle of a sentence the letter q has both u and at the end of it (think pique).

Most of the time, a q at the end of a word makes a hard c or a k sound.

However, these are a few words that have “q” as their final letter:

1. Suq

Essential English Words with Meaning and Sentences #1

Essential English Words with Meanin...
Essential English Words with Meaning and Sentences #1

another way to spell souk or souq, meaning an open air market in the Middle East, Arab countries, and some places in North Africa.

  • The suq has a lot of traditional scarves that would make a great gift for your friends.
  • There is only one suq in this town, but it is huge!

2. Tranq

an informal or slang way to say tranquilizer, or a weapon or substance that can calm someone, or to transquilizer (either a verb or noun).

  • The government agent preferred to use tranq darts rather than real bullets when facing off with someone in the field.
  • When there is an animal that might pose a danger to a visitor or staff member at the zoo, officials can tranqs it to immobilize the animal rather than doing permanent harm to them.

3. Umiaq

another way to spell umiak, a large boat made of animal skins that is popular among Eskimo people, particularly for women and children, to transport goods. Eskimos are indigenous peoples who live in cold and very snowy areas, especially the Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and eastern Siberia.

  • The researcher noticed that the technology used in the umiaq was incredible because the knowledge had been built upon for hundreds of years.
  • That umiaq can travel for up to 1,000 miles but it is usually used for trips much shorter than that.

4. Talaq

a concept in Islamic and Arabic law, where the husband can say this word three times and formally initiate divorce from his wife.

5. Qepiq

a monetary unit in Azerbaijan, a country in the Middle East near Armenia, Iran, Russia, and Georgia. 100 qepiq is equal to 1 Azerbaijani manat.

There are also some words, especially from Middle Eastern and Arab languages, that are spelled with a q as the last letter.

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