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Let us prepare your people for any situation!
Our goal with group classes for companies is to make your staff communicate in English with ease.

How do we do it?

  • we divide your staff into groups of 4 students (maximum),
  • we use the group ‘video chat’ tool with Skype,
  • the students (your staff) can join us from anywhere in the world,
  • the students can use their laptops or smartphones,
  • they will have a 1-hour conversation with a native English teacher,
  • the students will also enjoy games and other activities to make learning fun,
  • our activities are tailored to encourage students to speak English with fluency,
  • we assist you with team building by making your staff get to know each other better.


We understand that not everyone in your team will have the same level of English. That is why

  • we ask students to take an English test to gauge their level,
  • and we divide them into groups based on their proficiency


If there is still a big difference between their fluency levels in one group, we might suggest a one-to-one course with one of our professional instructors for those students who need to focus on more specific aspects of English, such as grammar or vocabulary.

If you are interested in equipping your staff with the language to communicate confidently in a professional context, then please fill out this short form to receive a quote. We will be in touch with you very soon!


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