Difference Between VERY, TOO and ENOUGH!

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Assuming we are talking quantities here let’s look at these on a scale.
For example, we will look at the temperature of soup.

  • This soup is very hot but I will still eat it in a minute.
  • This soup is too hot, nobody could eat this
  • This soup is hot enough so I will eat it now!

They are all varying degrees of something (such as the temperature of soup)
Another way to explain it would be on a scale of 1-10
If none = 0 and everything = 10 and you have to pick a number :

Very would equal 8.
Too would equal 11.
Enough would equal 5.

Let’s look at a couple more examples:

  • I thought he looked very handsome in his suit.
  • I thought he looked too scruffy in his suit.
  • I thought he looked smart enough in his suit.
  • He was running very fast, he still had a chance to win the race.
  • He was running too fast, he was going to run out of energy before the end of the race.
  • He was running fast enough, he was going to finish the race with no problem.

To sum up, they are used to describe varying degrees of an adjective or indeed a whole situation. Learn them well!


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