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In Conclusion Synonyms

You can use the following expressions

checkbox iconIn Conclusion SynonymsEn conclusión Sinónimos (Spanish)In conclusione sinonimi (Italian)Zusammenfassend Synonyme (German)Синонимы Заключения (Russian)
1To sum up,En resumen,Riassumendo,Abschließend,Подводя итог,
2All in all,En definitiva,Tutto sommato,Insgesamt, zusammenfassend,В общем,
3In summary,Resumiendo,In sintesi,Zusammenfassend,Подводя итог,
4To conclude,Para concluir,Per concludere,Zum Abschluss,В заключение,
5In closing,Para terminar,In chiusura,Zum Schluss,В заключение,
6Finally, it may be concluded…Finalmente, puede concluirse…Infine, si può concludere…Abschließend, Es kann geschlossen werden…Наконец, можно сделать вывод…
7To summarize,Para resumir,Per riassumere,ZusammenfassendПодводя итог,
8Overall, it may be said…En general, se puede decir…Nel complesso, si può dire…Insgesamt kann gesagt werden…В целом, можно сказать…
9OverallEn generalComplessivamenteInsgesamtВ целом,
10Taking everything into account,Teniendo todo en cuenta,Tenendo conto di tutto,Wenn man alles in Betracht zieht,Учитывая все,
11On the whole,En su conjunto,Nel complesso,Im Großen und Ganzen,В целом,
12All things considered,Considerando todas las cosas,Tutto sommato,Alles in Betracht ziehend,Все, что было рассмотрено,
13In sum,En resumen,In sintesi,In Summe,В общем,
14Everything considered,Todo considerado,Tutto considerato,Alles berücksichtigt,Все продумано,
15By and large,Más o menos,In generale,Im Großen und Ganzen,По большому счету,
16In the end,Al final,Alla fine,Am Ende,В конце концов,
17In a nutshell,en pocas palabras,In poche parole,Kurz und bündig,В двух словах,
18In general,en general,In generale,Im Allgemeinen,Обычно,
19As a conclusion,como una conclusión,Come conclusione,Als Schlussfolgerung,Как вывод,
20In the long run,a largo plazo,A lungo andare,Auf lange Sicht,В конце концов,
21Finally,finalmente,Finalmente,Zum Schluss,Наконец-то,
22In total,en total,In totale,Insgesamt,В целом,
23On a final note,en una nota final,Un’ultima nota,Zu guter Letzt,И последнее,
24To finish with,para terminar,Per finire,Als Abschluss,Чтобы закончить,
25In brief,en resumen,In breve,Kurz und gut,Короче говоря,
26As a matter of fact,de hecho,In effetti,In der Tat,Вообще-то,
27Lastly,por último,Infine,Zu guter Letzt,Итак, наконец-то,
28Last but not least,Por último, pero no menos importanteUltimo ma non meno importanteLetztlich, Nicht zuletztИ последнее, но не менее важное
29In short,En resumen,In breve,Kurz und bündig,Короче говоря,
30Simply put,En pocas palabras,In parole povere,Einfach ausgedrückt,Проще говоря,
31Generally speaking,En términos generales,In generale,Allgemein gesprochen,Вообще-то,
32Altogether,En conjunto,In tutto e per tutto,Insgesamt,Абсолютно,
33Principally,Principalmente,Principalmente,Hauptsächlich,В основном,
34In a long term,A largo plazo,A lungo termine,Auf lange Sicht,В долгосрочной перспективе,
35Ultimately,En última instancia,In definitiva,Letztlich,В конце концов,
36Indeed,En efecto,Certo,In der Tat,Неужели,
37To close up,Para cerrar,Per chiudere,zu schließen,Завершить,
40At large,A la fuga,In libertà,Im Großen und Ganzen,В полном составе,
41In the final stages,En las etapas finales,Nelle fasi finali,In den letzten Zügen,На последних стадиях,
42For all intents and purposesA todos los efectosA tutti gli effettiFür alle Zwecke und ZweckeПо всем признакам и целям

In Conclusion Synonyms

In conclusion has over 600 possible synonyms, some complete synonyms and other very similar. Since in conclusion is used to conclude statements and show results, the synonyms do that as well. They are all often used to denote the final argument.


  • All in all,
  • in a nutshell,
  • in sum,
  • in general,
  • to conclude,
  • as a conclusion,
  • in the long run,
  • finally,
  • in total,
  • on a final note,
  • to finish with,
  • in brief,
  • as a matter of fact,
  • lastly,
  • in closing
in conclusion synonyms

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What does In Conclusion mean?

In conclusion means to provide a final argument. It is used to prepare the people listening or reading for your final statement. In conclusion is used at the end of essays, speeches, dissertations, books, etc.

In the most basic sense, it means exactly what is ways, that there is a conclusion coming.

Sentences with In Conclusion Examples

  • In conclusion, it is safe to say that the results show how student motivation can be increased with the help of our new method.
  • In conclusion, we have to direct our attention to the factors behind the rising crime rate, and not just the demographic it affects.
  • In conclusion, the true goal of the poet’s expression will forever remain a mystery to us.
Other Ways to Say in Conclusion

In Summary vs In Conclusion

In summary and in conclusion are considered close synonyms. They don’t have exactly the same meaning, but they are used in very similar fashion in writing and speaking. They both appear at the ends of various arguments in order to denote the final statement.

In summary is used when you want to announce your conclusion, but you present that conclusion as a summary of all the facts previously mentioned.

In conclusion is used when you want to make a final statement, and clarify your previous arguments. This is why in summary and in conclusion are different in meaning. In summary does not denote a final statement, only a summary of the facts.

To Conclude or In Conclusion

To conclude and in conclusion are complete synonyms, so they mean the same thing. You can use whichever you like more, or whichever best fits your needs.

In Conclusion Transition Words

In conclusion, is a transitional phrase in of itself. It denotes the final argument, so it is a transition between evidence and statement.

In conclusion, is also always divided by a comma. The phrase can only be used the start of a sentence, and cannot appear anywhere else. Therefore, it is a transitional phrase.

In Conclusion in Spanish: En conclusión

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