how to ask a girl out

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out : Phrases and Tactics to Use

Today, we are going to talk about how to ask out a girl. This post is written by a guy. So it is written from a guy’s perspective. Buckle-up because we are in for a ride! Now, the dating ritual for humans is quite complicated. Other animals have it pretty easy. Think about it. Birds […]

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27 Synonyms for Experience with examples

Regardless of what you’re doing, there may be many times when you need to describe the experience that you have. Examples of such times include answering questions during job interviews, talking about the things you did on vacation with your friends, or speaking to your family about your future plans. If you find yourself in […]

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legal terms, judge, jail

50 most common Legal Terms

This post is going specialized for lawyers. The list will contain the most important legal terms in alphabetical order. Each word will contain a definition and an example sentence. ACCESSORY A person who in some manner is connected with a crime, either before or after its perpetration, but who is not present at the time […]

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you know that

Difference between Was Going To, Was Thinking Of, Was Wondering

The difference between: A. Was/Were going to B. Was/were thinking of C. Was/were wondering English learners often get certain English words confused. Especially when taken in similar context. When talking about plans or thoughts, we often use the terms “going to”, “thinking of” and “wondering”. Here’s an explanation of each one. Grammar Firstly, all three […]

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Other schools teach you grammar rules helps you to become a confident English speaker