6 Ways to Immediately Improve Your English Communication Skills


’Words don’t come easy.’

You may have memorized endless lists of vocabulary, you may know all the grammar needed to hold any conversation and still find yourself at a loss when wanting to express yourself.

There are various reasons behind this phenomenon – some of them more obvious than others.

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In this article, I would like to give you a few tips to help overcome the difficulties you might be experiencing, using some of the simplest methods to improve your English communication skills.

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1. Slow Down Your Speaking Speed

You might be an eloquent speaker when it comes to your mother tongue, but expecting the same standards from yourself when speaking in a foreign language may not be very realistic.

Especially, if you’re at the early stages of learning. Learners are often told not to worry about the mistakes they’re making, however, it is easy to understand why you would like to make a good impression on your audience.
To overcome this difficulty, you may try slowing down your speaking speed.

Nobody will hold it against you if you speak more slowly and clearly. Great speakers do the same to get their message across. Selecting your words carefully may also be seen as a sign of respect towards your audience. It shows that you want to give them the best possible answer.

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2. Give Yourself Time to Think

Present perfect

You may be worried that the people you’re talking to are impatient and would like you to say what you want as quickly as possible.

First of all, it may not be true – people often prefer a well-thought-out answer to a rushed one.
So just relax.

Another practical thing you can do is equipping yourself with fixed phrases you can use when remaining silent doesn’t seem to be an option. Here’s an example:

  • Why is there so much violence on TV? That’s a good question. Let me think for a moment, I haven’t really thought about it before. Well, I suppose…

Here the speaker gains considerable amount of time to reflect just by repeating the question and adding a few sentences. If you do the same, you’ll sound more fluent and won’t feel the pressure of having to say something before you’re ready.

Fixed or set phrases are phrases whose words are usually fixed in a certain order. They can be verb patterns, idioms, collocations – basically anything we always say in one particular way. For example,

  • during the day
  • in the meantime
  • It’s been a long time since
  • Sorry to bother/trouble you, but…
  • Would you mind if…?
  • Oh, come on!
  • I’m just kidding!
  • For what it’s worth,…
  • To be right/wrong about
  • Tit for tat/an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

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3. Learn Sentences, Not Only Words 

be positive

In a way, this will take the pressure off too. When you learn a new word, try to memorize a couple of sentences that contain it.

There might come a time when you can use one particular sentence with little, or no alteration at all. Unfortunately, many people learn words by heart, but have no idea how to use them in a sentence.

It will be such a relief not having to worry about whether the sentence is correct grammatically or not. Let’s look at an example:

to appreciate = to recognize the value of something/somebody

  • I think it’s necessary to feel appreciated in a relationship/ at work.
  • I appreciate all your hard work.

Isn’t it much more useful to memorize ’appreciate’ this way?

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4. Learn to Listen

When speaking in a foreign language, you might be so focused on what you are saying and whether it’s correct or not, that you forget to listen to what others are saying.

This is a big mistake as they might be using the exact words or grammar you’ll be needing later on. So pay attention to what’s being said around you, it’s your most important resource at the time of speaking to someone.

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5. Practise Your Interrogatives


We also need to keep in mind the fact that communication is a two-way process. Not only does it make you seem uninterested – even rude – if you don’t ask questions, you might also end up being the one who has to do all the talking. So, when you’ve run out of ideas about what to say next, remember: others might have something to add.

  • What are your views on that?
  • How about you? What do you think?
  • Why do you think there’s so much violence on TV?

Questions like this will keep the conversation going and will show your interest in other people’s opinion. They will also give you time to relax a little and start enjoying yourself.

Interrogatives can be quite tricky, so make sure you spend enough time learning the correct ways of asking questions.

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6. Produce, Produce, Produce


As I said at the beginning of this article, you might know a lot about the language, but this is passive knowledge that must be activated somehow. Your aim is to be able to produce correct English; practice is undeniably the best way to learn and improve.

Writing is one way of producing language; it may help you get used to and reflect on the ways English operates, which, in turn, might prove to be useful when speaking.

Speaking, on the other hand, is a much more spontaneous process and nothing prepares you for it better than actually doing it. So, find people you can practise with – either on Skype, or on language exchange sites, or here on MyEnglishTeacher.eu with the help of our native teachers – I have a feeling that it will be a great experience.

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I hope you will find these tips useful. Feel free to ask any questions if something is not clear. Remember how important it is to ask? We’re here to help you.

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My problem is lack of confidence and fear to be judged as English is always an embarrassing subject for me, I easily remember the words but failed to use in a sentence. So learning would be difficult as it is not as native language and knowledge of the topic take a long practise and time for me. As you said thinking is a must process before speaking I too agree but in rush I always chatter nonsense( out of the topic), how to control on that I too have to learn. I also lack the surrounding of people to whom I converse in the language, i must have to gather or surround the people who love to speak in the language. For me it gonna a tough challenge.

Anastasia Koltai

Do you have somebody you could practice with?


thanks for the very good suggestion how to improve english.


very helpful &informatory site


It is really helpful

Anastasia Koltai



I face problems, when I have to speak English with native speakers. I find it confusing and difficult to understand and say what I want.


I am not able to find any partner with whom I can practice for fluency. I watch Hollywood movies, but when it comes to practice, one needs partner which I don't have. I need two way communication. I request to please let me know how can you help.

Anastasia Koltai

Hi Vijay! We have online English classes with native teachers here https://bit.ly/2T75qtn
If you are looking for partners I suggest you to check language exchange websites. https://www.myenglishteacher.eu/blog/your-top-10-language-exchange-websites-for-speaking-english-fluently/


hi I am teaching english myself I have a lot of Friends I am Talking english to but when I text them at home I most likely use Google translator because my native language is german do you think Google Translator is an Option ?

Anastasia Koltai

No, not at all. It helps with words, but not with creating the whole sentences. Type in google the sentence you want to create and see if it looks good that way. You will get different examples.


Thank u for useful tips


It was useful tips .i enjoyed .iam learner i have alot weaknes to speak
Anyway thank u for helping


Best site to get knowledge thanks.


Thank you!


Awesome site to get knowledge thanks.


Glad to help! 😃


Very good


Awesome site to get knowledge thanks


This article is very important for beginners who want to learn English fluently.

Anastasia Koltai

Absolutely agree!


thank you sir for teaching




Hi Afsar! What kind of materials do you need?


Hi Sir, i want to speak english fluently, but im not abale to speak properly pld need your advice thanks in advance


Hi Raj! My no.1 advice is: practice!


i am very hapy


Hlw I m new here to improve myself

ravi ranjan pathak

sir how can i speak just like us accent.plz help me and another one problem that i do made a mess in grammar ,so help me to improve my grammatically error and give me some tips that how can i improve grammar.

Anastasia Koltai

If you want to work on your accent, I suggest you watching American series a lot.
Check out this lessons to improve your grammar https://www.myenglishteacher.eu/blog/category/grammar/


awesome site to get knowledge


excellent website to learn English


so good ideas

Anastasia Koltai

Thank you!


I just want to learn English thanks for you

Anastasia Koltai

Hope we could help you! Do you need more help?


Thank you so much for sharing this great article You help me a lot


thank you for the tips to improvise the skill of languages. I also write an article on the same topic Now you can check it.

Anastasia Koltai

Thank you! Nice list!

Hulkar Ergasheva


Hulkar Ergasheva

The ideas of this blog are advantageous. Most opinions are uaefulband so easy to use in our daily English. One idea I really liked is that we should learn sentences pr phrases not only words.

Anastasia Koltai

Good point! Yes, I like that suggestion myself! It's is easier, I guess, to learn sentences. Have you tried it out?


thank you for the tips to improvise the skill of languages. I like the point to point dictation you have taught , the listening and interrogating the question is very important to learn anything. I am new to this language and miles to go to be master of the subject, thanks a lot to guiding on the topic.

Anastasia Koltai

Glad to help!


Let me add that these tips might be applied to many other languages, thanks for your great article.

Anastasia Koltai

Definitely! Thank you for adding this!


I like the way of how it explains about improving your English skills in communicating, I like the way when it is properly illustrated step-by-step and I also like the way where its corporately tailored from least to best. However, on the part where it mentioned about, "produce, produce" I thoroughly disagree with the statements because writing is NOT only one way of producing language, as a matter of fact, it is a key to success. Without writing, then there is not reading, when there is no reading the person cannot learn to speak it.

For speaking, maybe it is an impulsive way to express communication but it's not the most effective style of communicating due to multiple reasons. There are plenty of reasons why is not effective and I will only provide 2 reasons; 1 - it gets away with twisting tongue which it doesn't provide a professional tone. 2 - it is vaguely impropostuous. You can be an expert speaker but also a terrible writer, unfortunately for such disadvantage, this will disqualify the person into a variety of opportunities. Additionally, it also portrays an uneducated individual.
of completely disagree with the article written about
I believe and understand that for some native people, including foreigners who have different dialect where English may, or can be the most difficult language to learn. However, throughout the cultural perspective there are many individuals who can properly articulate English writing because there are multiple benefits and advantages when it comes to communication. Although writing is another way of communicating there are plenty of styles by how it's written.

Anastasia Koltai

Hi John!

Thank you so much for your opinion.

For most of our learners, the most important step is to overcome their fears. To finally start speaking. That is what this step by step guide is about.

But, I totally agree with you, writing IS important. It's just not the main part everybody needs. Or, at least, not at the very beginning.


This is very useful. I agree with all, esp., the first one. Most of learners think speed show how well they can talk but I think as beginners, it is ok to be a bit slow but understandable. Native speakers can help by being kind, understanding and patient.


Give yourself time to think, learn sentences not only words and slow down your speed when speaking English are the best ways to practice English. My problem is lack of confidence and fear of being judged coz breaking English is something really embarrassing to me. Sometimes I find myself in a position where I would rather speak in my native language than speak English even at the workplace or asked sometjhing by my bosses. This article is of good help to me. Thank you

Anastasia Koltai

Hi Monica! Glad we could help! Please let me know if there is anything else you need help with!


hello ,

need your help

Anastasia Koltai

Sure, ask!


I found this article really really helpful. It's so interesting and I enjoyed it.
Thank you so much


From this blog " 6 Ways to improve your communication skill" I came to know that we should speak more slowly and clearly. From a new word we have to frame few new sentences. If we try to read lots of English article automatically our communication skill will improve.


it's really interesting and at least I'm improving through this channel.


Th methods to memorize words and practicing English Grammar is really very Good. I like all these above. Also if your learning way is easy and interesting it will convert all the toughest things into easy.


This tips obviously develop the strength and confidence to achieve a goal. So, do enjoy it...


How do I practice or with whom should I practice ..I usually don't find people with whom I can talk anything in english


Try calling the toll free numbers of any coaching institutes, banks or companies and try to inquire about their products or services they provide. This is a good way to engage in a conversation and also don't forget to record the conversation so that you can reflect upon it and find the gaps to improve on.


i want to be good speaker in english i try to speak english i hope one day i will be good speaker


I love these ideas! Its nice,thank you.


Shall we start practice??


Thanks, I am crazy to leaning English


I want to learn english


i want to learn and improve myself to speech in english


i learn all thing in english like speaking ,writing,reading,drafting


I find! I find the most important thing about "how hells I'm will learn English??" and is THESE article THANK YOU!! I'm grateful for your time and hard work ??


I love these ideas! Thank you. It must have taken you ages to compile.
My students always say to me, "English is boring!" I say, "No! That's the wrong way of thinking!"
English is the tool you use to do interesting things. Are you bored with your mother tongue? Of course not. Do you even think about it? Of course not. Do things you like in English. Read wikipedia. Watch youtube. You learn something and your English gets better. Stop thinking about your English and just use it.
I make English youtube talks with the script, listening questions, answers and mp3 for download. Have a look:


thank's! I'm trying to check my grammar, but I don't know if the countdown is for the right time to do the test or the remaining time for do it, because I clicked on the try now's buttom and nothing happened... o.o anyways thank's for the advises, maybe I should just study the grammar, because i learned almost all watchig movies and reading (the opposite of this note xp).


The countdown is for remaining time. Yeah, definitely, try out different approaches.



Anastasia Koltai

Hi there. Can I help you?


Other ideas.
Take an English class, join an English group, find a tutor, read English magazines.
Do whatever you can to immerse yourself in the language. learning English conversation for beginners