Hi! My name is Anastasia Koltai.

Anastasia Koltai (Founder of MyEnglishTeacher.eu)I’m the founder of MyEnglishTeacher.eu, and an English language learner at the same time.
When I launched MyEnglishTeacher.eu I wanted to improve my English and to become fluent in it.

I don’t really believe in the efficiency of course books. They are good for building your vocabulary, and improving your grammar, but you also need to practice a lot with native speakers to remember all the stuff you’ve learnt. And finally, you need to become fluent in English SPEAKING!

This is our main goal!

So, I decided to create The World’s Friendliest Online English Language School, where you can practice with a qualified native English teacher and become fluent in English much, much faster than anywhere else.

I wanted to replace dry books with live conversations between people. Because this makes you improve at rocket speed. I’ve hired the most qualified native English Teachers who are able to help you achieve the results you want.

all over the world to successfully take the IELTS exam, and to become fluent in English, to be able to present your ideas to everybody.

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one-to-one skype lessons with an american or british english teacher

Other schools teach you grammar rules
MyEnglishTeacher.eu helps you to become a confident English speaker

If you have any questions or requests, please email us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help you!

If you want to know how I improved my English, read my English learning story. Have a nice day!

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