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27 Synonyms for Experience with examples

Regardless of what you’re doing, there may be many times when you need to describe the experience that you have. Examples of such times include answering questions during job interviews, talking about the things you did on vacation with your friends, or speaking to your family about your future plans. If you find yourself in […]

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50 most common Legal Terms

This post is going specialized for lawyers. The list will contain the most important legal terms in alphabetical order. Each word will contain a definition and an example sentence. ACCESSORY A person who in some manner is connected with a crime, either before or after its perpetration, but who is not present at the time […]

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What does OTP mean? ›› OTP meaning

OTP is an abbreviation used among fans, usually of a work of fiction such as a TV series or book series, to describe the couple that they want to be together the most. OTP is usually used as a slang term and stands for One True Pairing. Among different fandoms, the OTPS differ. They can […]

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Occupation definition and synonyms

Occupation The noun occupation is used regularly by native English speakers in everyday conversations, in the workplace and even in history books! This is because occupation has a couple of different meanings when used as a noun. Let’s take a look at the different meanings of occupation: 1. The noun occupation can refer to a […]

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house types

Occupational definition

Occupational (adjective) this describes something that is related to a job, trade or occupation. Occupational hazards can be disastrous for a company if the employee decides to claim damages this is why there are prevention strategies to ensure occupational or workplace health and safety. Occupational guidance is provided by occupational therapists, they encourage their patients […]

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Occupy ›› Definition and Synonyms

Occupy (verb) the verb can have a couple of different meanings: It can mean to live or reside somewhere: I have been occupying this house my entire life, it holds many special memories for me and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Here are the synonyms: reside live dwell inhabit settle Or to fill a […]

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Preoccupation ›› Definition and Synonyms

Preoccupation (noun) this refers to the state of being distracted or preoccupied. Always being right was his main preoccupation, it meant that he couldn’t accept opposing opinions and his main concern was to prove his point rather than listen to another person’s point of view. A preoccupation of many parents is for their children to be […]

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burned vs burnt

Occupier ›› Definition and Synonyms

Occupier (noun) a person or thing (such as a government or country) that takes control of a territory. Israel has been an occupier of the West Bank and East Jerusalem since 1967. Many cases of occupation have occurred throughout history for example, the United Kingdom is an occupier of the Falklands and the United States […]

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Occupant (noun) a person that is in a place or position or somebody that owns and lives in a property. “That small red car is blocking the only exit out of this carpark. Do you know who the occupant is?” the man asked the security guard of the office building. The occupant currently staying in the […]

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