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look up meaning

LOOK UP meaning (phrasal verb)

Look up: to improve Last week business was really slow but this week it’s looking up. to find information I don’t know how to spell the word encyclopedia. I’m going to look it up in a dictionary. 24 Simple Phrasal Verbs with Look Phrasal Verbs with Look: look up, look after, look into, look out, […]

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Daredevil meaning

DAREDEVIL meaning (noun)

Daredevil: a reckless person who enjoys doing dangerous things My brother Jim is a daredevil. He loves doing crazy and dangerous things. List of Words Without Plural Form (Uncountable Nouns) Can you spot the mistakes in the sentence above? I’ll give you a clue: there are four letters too many. Yes, it’s the letter S! […]

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Ride High idiom

Ride High meaning (Idiom)

Ride high is an idiom and it means to be successful at something or to feel good and happy at a certain time. For example: They finished their final exams and were riding high thinking about their summer holidays ahead. Their success in the trials had them riding high and excited for the main competition. […]

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Friend definition

FRIEND definition

The word friend is used a lot in English conversations, writings, movies, television. The word has many different meanings, idioms and can be used in a lot of different ways. Read on if you want to know all the different ways friend is used in English. I have included examples and dialogues to make it […]

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egghead definition

EGGHEAD Definition

Egghead:  a very studious person, intellectually gifted in the field of academics, a very intelligent person More for you: 16 Food Idioms with Examples and Explanations [Infographic] 1000+ Most Popular English Idioms and Their Meanings

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CALL OFF meaning

CALL OFF meaning (phrasal verb)

Call off: to cancel something, to decide to stop something that is already happening 15 Phrasal Verbs with CALL: call up, call out, call around … Call after – To give a child the same name as someone else, especially a family member. Call up – To phone somebody. Call on – To visit someone. […]

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piece of cake meaning

PIECE OF CAKE meaning (idiom)

Piece of cake (idiom): something that you can achieve easily, something easily accomplished. More for you: 16 Food Idioms with Examples and Explanations [Infographic] 55 Most Commonly Used British and American Slang Words and Their … Please, please subscribe to our YouTube channel here

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