Gonna – Gotta – Wanna – Outta – Kinda explanation


Gonna, gotta, wanna, outta, and kinda all represent words as they are pronounced in informal, spoken English. They should not be used in formal writing.

Gonna comes from going to:

  • I’m going to buy a new mobile phone. (written)
  • I’m gonna buy a new mobile phone. (spoken)

Gotta comes from got to:

  • I’ve got to go now. (written)
  • I gotta go now. (spoken)

Wanna comes from want to:

  • I want to improve my English. (written)
  • I wanna improve my English. (spoken)

Outta comes from out of:

  • Get out of here! (written)
  • Get outta here. (spoken)

Kinda comes from kind of. ‘Kind of’ is an informal expression meaning quite/rather:

  • I was kind of angry when he left. (written)
  • I was kinda angry when he left. (spoken)

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